Declan's Story

It all started when I had an existential thought one morning which made me go into a mental “swirl” I guess you could say. I lost 8 pounds in one week, couldn’t stop moving, had to go on medications, a lot of diagnosis such as bipolar, manic, severe depression, anxiety, were being tossed around. Immediately, I started talking to anybody who would listen and listened to anybody who wanted to talk. I stopped taking medications after a month, focused on mindfulness, diet ,exercise, spiritually, and just trying to be around family and friends. I developed ways to get me through the bad days and slowly the bad days just started going away. I’ve learned not to care about what my diagnosis is anymore and realized that I am completely happy with who I am. Weirdly enough and how hard everything was, it seems like a little gift because it has opened me up to a whole new world. Talk to people, open-up, find your tools, do what you love and enjoy who you are

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