Eli's Story

Eli's Story



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From the outside, my life looked perfect. I was in college, playing tennis in the NCAA, surrounded by friends, coaches, and peers. I’d checked all the right boxes and yet I was struggling with depression and anxiety. I knew something was wrong, but I stayed silent. 

 For years I struggled alone. I was sure that no one would understand. I lived in a perpetual state of fear; fear of judgment, fear of alienation and fear that I was permanently damaged. I thought asking for help would make me seem weak, but it was only through reaching out that I began to recover. My struggles were a part of me, but they didn’t defy me. I realized that recovery was possible and that through a willingness to be vulnerable there was a way through. 

Today, I feel like I’ve been given a second chance. I’m living life in a way I never thought possible. Having come through the other side I feel compelled to carry the message forward. I want to end the shame and stigma that causes people to suffer in silence. It’s my hope that through advocacy, education, and outreach we can start a conversation, create a platform and ultimately shine a light on mental health.

Eli Brown
Toronto 2020


  • Stephanie Hinson
    I’ve never had a problem with telling anyone how I felt about anyone or anything! So I don’t know 1st hand the strength it took 4 u to tell the world about your personal struggles with depression & anxiety! I can only imagine how vulnerable u must of felt making your story public! The way the world Is today with invisible platforms, which are the computer screens or cell phones that some people hide behind when they want to be bullies by hurting people just to make themselves feel better about their own issues of depression or self esteem! But thankfully we also have people that love to help people & lift them up when they are down! So Eli I applaud & thank u for trusting us with your private information & I hope your story helps many others that are dealing with the same issues or helps people find their voice to ask for help for any issue they may be dealing with!!


  • Coby Bremner

    Saw your story on global. It is also my story and my struggles after childhood abuse.

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