Jesse's Story

My name is Jesse Brideau and I consider myself to be a warrior fighting for balance; a doer, creator, dreamer, visionary and soul-searcher. I'm coming from a place of my heart when I tell you that I have uneasy days... I feel apprehensive, anxious and I allow fear to overtake me.
They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I was 17 years old when I lost my father to suicide. His passing was awful, unexpected and abrupt. I since haven’t taken my mental health for granted. I bear a resemblance to my father in many ways, one of them being the aptitude of hiding our discomfort, pain and ambiguity.

Over the years, I’ve learned to put my pride aside and have embraced taking a proactive approach in managing my mental health instead of making excuses. I lead an active lifestyle and try my best at achieving a work life balance. I spend quality time with my family and friends and I keep a positive perception on life. Despite my efforts, I still have unanticipated panic attacks. It can be frustrating and often challenging, but I manage to get through it.
Remember, there’s always a way out of the clutter, and for me, discovering my purpose in all this and realizing that everything I go through isn’t accidental; it’s all part of my path. Your situation is not hopeless, regardless of how you may feel or think right now. It’s so important to express how you feel!
I want to make this clear, my purpose isn’t to gain your empathy, nor do I want the glory. In fact, I think there is braveness and courage in being radically vulnerable. In sharing my own story and susceptibility, I hope it gives people who may not have said anything before, the chance to speak out.

There is strength in a community; given the knowledge that one isn't alone makes it much easier to find the help one needs. I encourage you to share your story and I thank you for taking the time to read mine.
Mental Health Matters. Fear Less. Love More. Have Hope.

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