Jonathon's Story

I struggled with anxiety and depression ever since I was a little child. I was very different from everyone else and very shy. This persisted into adulthood, and started to affect my goals, dreams, and relationships. About 7 years ago, it reached its peak, where I barely left the house and did not even want to go to the store to buy anything over fear of counting change or using the debit machine. I also frequently struggled with pretty insane thoughts. As the years progressed, I seemed to get better, but I still had these issues. Three years ago it started to change. I made a decision to work on myself, and give myself a foundation so that I could feel better about myself. Even in close relationships, I still seemed to transfer my negative energy onto other people. About a year ago, I made some serious strides mentally, and with some help from my doctor. I experienced some things after that which really changed my perspective on life, and got rid of a lot of my demons, even though they might have been hard to exorcise. I'm living my best life right now that I ever lived, and I'm really thankful.

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