Leah's Story

Mental health has been a huge struggle for me. From constant anxiety to depression… I have suffered from mental illness for the past three years (since I was 12). I was on heavy medication to manage my medical issues and the meds first put me into a depression. From there I struggled with heavy anxiety throughout school life and personal life. I learned to feel more comfortable in my body and head. I began speaking about my obstacles and what I have overcome. I opened up about my therapy, bad habits, medicine, and my overall journey. I feel strong and empowered when I use my voice because I know that when I was suffering, I longed to feel less lonely. By speaking out, I can give a voice to those who feel small or scared. Through mental health journey, I learned that growing is so much more meaningful when you bring others up with you! I am so thankful and fortunate to have a caring community who listens to me and I hope I can help those less fortunate.

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