Shine A Light On Your Own Story – Twenty Twenty

Shine A Light On Your Own Story – Twenty Twenty

2020 has been a year of shifting our focus away from ourselves, and onto the events that are changing our world as we know it. For many of us, it has become second nature to mentally prioritize other people’s struggles around the world, while tucking our own away. By tucking ourselves away like this, we may begin to feel disconnected from ourselves and loved ones in our lives. 

 Allow this to be a gentle reminder that you are allowed to set aside time to acknowledge your own story. The past, the present and the desired future. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The ups, the downs, and the curveballs. It is important to recall the struggles you have faced, and the hurtles you have overcome thus far. Take a moment right now to feel proud of yourself, because you deserve it.

 It is empowering to not only remember your story, but to fully own it. By owning your story, you are giving yourself permission to be proud of each chapter that has passed. By being proud of your past chapters, you are opening up space for new and meaningful ones to be written. Find peace in the fact that the road ahead is still being paved, and you have the power to alter your course as you wish, at any time.


3 ways to shine a light on your own story:

  • Write out your experiences and achievements (no matter how big or small), and read them out to yourself
  • Talk through your experiences and achievements with a close friend or family member
  • Reach out to us to share your story on our “Shine On” series


If you choose to shine a light on your own story, comment below or DM us on Instagram to let us know how it went! Your story is important, and we hope we can help you remember that.


Written by: Shannon Grant

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