Steve's Story

With a lifetime of being shy and timid, those traits slowly developed into having Social Anxiety. I found myself drawing further away from friends and family. Being unkind to myself for the longest time. Fearing of offending people, trying to be “Perfect” while never considering my needs I found myself in a dark place. Ironically, being isolated in that place helped me discover great things about myself. I fell in love with music and learned how to sing, rap, and act. Funny thing is, my anxieties made me too afraid to share those same talents with an audience or meet others who shared the same gifts!
Recently being clinically diagnosed with Mild Psychosis, I was devastated. After years of believing I was just naturally shy, or quiet or reserved I realized that avoiding human interaction leaves you more and more “In a hole” so to speak.
To combat that diagnostic label, myself and a friend/business partner started a Community/Clothing brand called “Death Before Dishonour - Coat of Arms”
DBD is a community that represents itself through clothing and culture. Our “Coat of Arms” is a symbol and a badge of honour that provides hope and a sense of empowerment and belonging for individuals who have surpassed trying events and experiences in their life. Individuals who have overcome pain, trauma, and adversities.
I hope that my story, my music, or my DBD community can be an inspiration to others who may be in a lonely place.
Either way, I am ready to take full control of my life!

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