The Kindness Project

My dad starts every day with a text to me that says “make someone smile today”. These simple words have carried me through many hard days, when I realize it's the small things like this that matter. Simple acts of kindness are hard to come by now, and my hope is for this saying you read on this hoodie helps you remember how much it might mean to someone to give them a smile:)
I created this collection to ultimately bring more positively to the world, and create more awareness on the effect we have on others, as well as the effect we have on ourselves. The wave logo helps reflect the “ripple effect’.  As water has a ripple effect so does kindness.
20% of the proceeds of this collection will be going towards the The Be Kind project and Random Acts Foundation. The Be Kind project helps young kids learn in an environment that is healthy and respectful, and ultimately helps kids grow up in a world full of kindness. The Random Acts non profit helps inspire random acts of kindness around the world.