Friends of Endo Warriors  - Collection

Friends of Endo Warriors

In 2022, after experiencing fertility struggles, Kirsty was diagnosed with endometriosis. This diagnosis came after years of suffering and many visits to a variety medical professionals, all of which failed to identify the symptoms were associated with endometriosis. A lack of education across all levels of schooling, including medical school, have limited knowledge and awareness of this debilitating disease. As such, people have gone undiagnosed and struggled to understand the cause for their pain and suffering. Since being diagnosed, Kirsty has undergone surgery to remove the endometriosis, however, the physical and emotional challenges continue. The Friends of Endo Warriors collection is a tribute to small things that have kept Kirsty going over the past few years. Howie, the lovable dog, Lucky Bunny, the rabbit that calls the backyard home, and the Butterfly, who represents Kirsty’s late Gammy have all helped bring joy and hope. Each item sold will help raise money for Endometriosis Events in educating youth and providing valuable supports groups across Canada.