Resilience Rally

Resilience Rally is a mental health non-profit organization on a mission to change the narrative surrounding mental illness. Instead of seeing mental illness as a weakness, we are rallying together to show people that living with a mental illness takes immense resilience. 100% of the proceeds from the apparel sales will go directly to our non-profit. With your help, our non-profit provides compensation for professional individual and group counseling for each mental illness and for any demographic. We also offer mental health workshops, share stories of resilience, put on events and many mental health resources. 

We made the t-shirts for our upcoming Resilience Run happening in multiple cities and online from May 28th-June 4th 2023. If you would like to run or walk 5km with us to raise awareness and funds for mental health and suicide prevention please buy a t-shirt and register for the run by going to our website or following us on Instagram @resiliencerally.