Weekend Dippers Poncho
Weekend Dippers Poncho

Weekend Dippers Poncho

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Winthome microfiber hooded poncho towel is super absorbent, fluffy and cosy with 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, keeping your post-water changing and dressing-up as cozy as ever.
The Weekend Dippers were founded in 2022 by Jim Kiriakakis and Damien Holland as a fun, accessible weekly activity to promote cold water plunging with their friends. The mission was to create an accessible, healthy activity that would allow its members to connect with friends, new and old, while learning about the benefits of cold-water immersion.  This evolved as Jim & Damien discovered that as the group embraced the icy waters, improved well-being and emotional resilience followed. At the end of its first season, all the members of the group acknowledged the profound mental health effects the winter season of dipping had on them and the decision was made to create this collection.  Each piece sold helps raise money for mental health programs at CAMH and promote the age-old practice of cold plunging and its benefits.


It all started with a kid

His name was Eli, and when he was just 14 years old, something happened to him that shouldn’t have—and it took 6 years before he could even talk about it. Eventually, he founded STLO to shine the light on mental health and make those conversations a little easier to start.




Shine The Light On is by far one of my favourite clothing companies. Their clothing is comfortable, yet luxurious and I love their mission to end stigma around mental health.

Leigh Cohen
A Happy Customer

Great quality product, with an even greater cause. This goes a long way to help build awareness and break down the stigma around mental health - love it! 

Paula Grant
A Proud Mom

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